Physical Exams and Check-Ups

Promoting Health and Wellness since 1989


Whether you currently have a health concern or it is time for your annual examination and routine Pap, we can address your needs. We offer wellness and health care services before and beyond pregnancy to all ages and in any stage of life. Willow Midwives are caring, professional, and known for our empowering attitude. The purpose of our annual well exam is to help you feel confident and in control of your health.

Our midwives offer the following services:

Annual physical exams

Breast and chest exams

Pap testing

Treatments and consultations for menstrual conditions

Birth prevention prescriptions, procedures and counseling

Screening and treatment for gynecological issues

Preconception care and planning

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The purpose of an annual exam is to monitor your overall well-being, to provide preventative screenings and education and to renew maintenance medications and review the use of supplements. When these exams are scheduled yearly, an ongoing record of your gynecologic health needs, pap testing, mammograms and other recommended screenings are kept in one location.  Finding appropriate referrals for you is something we value.

We value conducting physical exams in a way that makes our clients feel comfortable and less stressed.

Before your appointment, we suggest that you write down questions or concerns about your health. We will ask you about your last menstrual period and what your cycle rhythms are like, so keep a record of this if you don’t have one already.



With a room divider screen set up in our exam rooms, you can change your clothes without any worries about privacy. We give you ample time to change and never enter a room without knocking first.


Our massage tables are a far cry from the exam tables you may be used to. Each one is covered in real fabric and slightly warm, (so you can say goodbye to that crinkly tissue paper), and keeps you comfortable throughout the exam. Our exams are performed without foot rests (NO stirrups!)


We stay in close communication with you as we progress through the exam. You’ll never have to wonder about what is coming next.

Our clinic is open to all ages.  We accept most insurance plans.