Cheryl Heitkamp


My mission for Willow Midwives is to provide you with the highest quality experience while you seek care for your hormonal, sexual, reproductive and counter-reproductive health. I promote the American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM) mission and am working to establish midwifery as the standard of care for women.

My vision is to provide a place that welcomes you warmly and professionally and provides you-centered care. I recognize that the healthcare experience is personal and private, and that you may have a range of vulnerabilities around your body, your health care and your health status. Expressing your needs requires time for relaxation and adjustment to the setting and your midwife so we can individualize your care. Our midwives welcome a wide expression of “family” and “female”.

My vision includes serving employees well by offering a fair wage, flexibility in scheduling, and open interactions with me as the owner of the practice and with each other. I seek employees who value our unique brand of care, are proud to be a part of Willow and who bring creativity, openness and self-expression.

My personal values are deeply connected to Willow Midwives’ values and include service to all within our scope of practice, respectful interactions, informed decision-making, health promotion, education and wellness, excellence in care, best practices and measurable good outcomes.

As a world citizen and a responsible company, Willow Midwives will work to reduce waste and over-consumption of resources. As citizens of our fortunate country, state and city, we will conscientiously utilize and appreciate our disposables that are necessary for safety and eventually share our expertise, values and resources with other citizens of the world who may have fewer resources.

Cheryl Heitkamp received her BA in nursing from St. Kate’s, and her MS in nursing from the University of Minnesota. Cheryl has been a Certified Nurse Midwife since 1989. She and her husband are parents to 5 kids (Pitocin induction with narcotic pain relief, unmedicated home births, unmedicated hospital births and her last was a Cesarean for “brow presentation, mentum posterior” -look it up…) with only her youngest living at home (among many animals-two dogs, a cat, a chinchilla and a fish)

Cheryl worked in the HealthEast system and United Hospital from 1989-1995 under the name of Cheryl Anderson. When she returned to work in 2006, she worked in Waconia, MN at Ridgeview Medical Center, then two birth centers, and prior to starting Willow Midwives worked at Park Nicollet-Shakopee’s St. Francis Regional Medical Center from 2011-2015.

Willow began as a dream in 2001. She and other innovative midwives gathered in Minneapolis and St. Paul to bring Kitty Ernst to the legislature to attempt to create an avenue for birth center licensure. It didn’t happen then, but in 2010, licensure of Birth Centers was overwhelmingly supported by the MN legislators and after a bumpy journey, Willow was planted.


She plants herself near water.

She is strong and flexible.

She grows more beautiful with age.

She represents fertility, femininity, spirit and bends with the wind.


Welcome to Willow Midwives.