Candace Luedemann


Born and raised in Bozeman, Montana, Candace’s interest in nursing and calling to midwifery started at a young age. Women’s health has always been a passion of hers and it has become a lifelong pursuit to fulfill her dream of becoming a certified nurse midwife. After high school Candace left the mountains to pursue a nursing degree in the Twin Cities. Participating in births under CNM guidance during nursing school and observing prenatal care at Holy-Family Birth center in Texas further strengthened her love and passion for midwifery, ultimately leading her to pursue an advanced degree through Georgetown University.

Drawing from her own birth experiences and clinical experiences in the hospital, Candace supports women in choosing the birthing environment that is right for them, whether that is hospital or out-of-hospital birth. Women will remember their births forever; it is truly a life-changing, awe-inspiring event. Candace desires to provide safe care, personalized to the woman’s wishes and desires, so that the woman may deeper know and trust herself. It is a wonderful honor to be a part of a woman’s story, from adolescence through her childbearing years, and beyond.

Candace is a board certified nurse midwife with a Master’s Degree from Georgetown University in both the Nurse Midwifery and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner programs. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and a minor in psychology from Bethel University. Candace’s journey to midwifery first led her to work in several other areas of nursing, including pediatric home care and as a childbirth educator at a local pregnancy center.

As a certified nurse midwife, Candace strives to provide evidence-based care in a personalized and meaningful way for each unique woman, partnering with her to help her make the best, most informed choice for her care. Her goal is to practice the essence of midwifery, “to be with woman” during all the changes of life, including the transformative childbearing years. Candace wants women to be educated, informed, and ultimately empowered through their pregnancies, childbirth experience, and parenthood. Candace’s interests include natural childbirth, waterbirth, breastfeeding, postpartum care, and self-care including nutrition and exercise.

Candace lives with her husband, who is also a nurse, their two children, and their rescued Husky German Shepherd mix, named Koda. When not in clinic, Candace treasures time with her family, being with friends, reading, and baking. She enjoys all things outdoors, especially skiing, snowmobiling, and hiking in the mountains of Montana.