We envision your entry to care with us as an opportunity to hear your story. The services we offer at Willow Midwives are a reflection of our level of education, our training and experience and our perspective as midwives. With you as the leader, we offer our time and ability to listen, our beautiful space for your comfort and an approach that is welcoming and respectful while you navigate the system of health care and offer you our care.

Every woman deserves a midwife. We strive in policy and in practice for a system where midwifery is the standard for prenatal and birth care.


Willow’s roots go deep.  Liz Hochman and I (Cheryl Heitkamp) imagined serving clients together as long ago as 2012. Then, many moons later we implemented those imaginings to create Willow Midwives, PLLC in early 2015.  We were partners from the beginning and continue to work together to serve clients in a way that feels good, is safe, and trusts our experience AND the evidence that science brings us.  Liz has worn many hats at Willow and continues to work within our practice.  For me, the most significant role is that she is a dream weaver.

Birth At The Center

Willow Midwives offer an individualized birth experience.  Birth Center care is the model that best demonstrates a low cesarean birth rate and few interventions. 2013 Birth Center study. We are a CABC nationally accredited facility focused safety AND on your wishes. Admissions are smooth because the staff already knows you. Discharges happen as soon as possible once you and your new baby are physiologically stable.

Birth At The Hospital

Willow Midwives are committed to providing the best care even if your birth will be at the hospital. Admissions are more procedural giving the hospital staff an opportunity to understand your history and your wishes. Discharges happen 24-36 hours after the birth. For those who desire epidural pain relief, or who have health concerns, are best served at the hospital.


Willow Midwives are skilled providers of waterbirth. Currently, the hospitals are involved in a research study which has a very specific criteria allowing waterbirth for some women with very straight-forward pregnancies. Existing global research on waterbirth supports its safety and it is available to all birth center eligible clientele. To read real information about the safety of waterbirth see: waterbirth safety.